We’ll be staging a mid-scale production of our musical play ‘INNIT’ at The Lowry’s Quays Theatre in September 2023, with the hope of reaching as many young people as we possibly can, FOR FREE.

It’s unprecedented.  We’re booked in for a two-week run:  

  • 9 matinee performances, almost exclusively reserved for young people to attend.
  • FREE tickets
  • FREE transport 

Young people, parents and schools shouldn’t have to worry about finding money for their children to experience a theatre production.

We want as many young people as possible to see ‘Innit:Musical’ at The Lowry and experience the drama workshops and all the relatable and aspirational educational materials that comes with it, irrespective of their social status, exclusion status or economic position. 

We’ll be reaching young people via four incremental stages of contact:

  1. Delivery of pre-production year-group assemblies.             
  2. Presentation of a professional piece of hard-hitting, educational theatre that is relatable and actually speaks to young people through their discovery of the theatre experience,*           
  3. Post-production drama workshops for ALL attendees, that challenge their cognition and sensitise the real-life situations from the play.*
  4. In the classroom – by providing fully resourceddifferentiated and most importantly, engaging and relevant curriculum-based schemes of learning – all of which have been developed with young people themselves.

* For a fair percentage of attendees, despite residing in Salford, this will be their first visit to Salford Quays, let alone The Lowry Theatre! 

** These workshops will be facilitated by professional practitioners, with the additional support of a fully qualified psychotherapist.

This means that all of the young people that take part in our programme will experience a diversionary piece of theatre and a workshop, along with curriculum-focused schemes of learning that bolster the play’s themes, hopefully preventing their future exclusion and entry into the Criminal Justice System.

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