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Ruth Langley | MSC CPFA


Ruth is a qualified accountant who’s recently retired following 41 years of service in the public sectors, where she gained significant experience not only in public sector finances but in wider services such as public health, health improvement and community engagement. 

Throughout her career Ruth has both directly managed and been responsible for multi-million budgets, her last role before retirement having been Director of Finance and Commercial Services for West Yorkshire Police, budget c. £500 million.

Whilst working in the public health arena, Ruth gained an MSc in Applied Public Health, which only deepened her interest and commitment to reducing inequalities and improving life chances. 

“I’m on board because I’m a strong believer in social justice and the importance of early intervention and prevention, which is what I4YPC is all about.  This is an exciting opportunity to reach young people who will greatly benefit from what we have to offer as an organisation.”



Much of my working life has been spent in an office environment – for accountants, solicitors, BT – you name it, I’ve worked there, hence my role as Secretary.

However, my true passion; my love for the theatre, was awakened at the age of 11, when I joined the Victoria Youth Theatre in Salford, run by an unknown actor called Joe Holroyd, who passionately believed in bringing his love of the theatre to working class children.

Joe never failed to inform us that the Victoria theatre was the home of our very own Albert Finney and Shelagh Delaney and that if they could start from there, anyone could. 

From the moment I stepped on to that stage with a local repertory theatre, as one of the schoolchildren in ‘The corn is Green’, I was hooked. 

I’ve never forgotten Joe Holroyd and what he did for me, which brings me to the reason why it’s so important to me, to help I4YPC see the vision of ‘Innit’ through to fruition.

I was there at the start of ‘Innit’ and have seen first-hand the impact that it has on young people, how they relate to it and how the message it conveys, speaks to them. 

I’ve since gone on to achieve a PGCE in Education and recognise that young people today need something else in the curriculum – something that they can relate to.

Young people today are the adults of the future.  They’ll be running this world.  It’s important we give them the skills, confidence and values to do that.

Everyone deserves a Joe Holroyd in their life.

Angela lea | ba ma pgce


Ange is a qualified Drama and English teacher and has worked in Education for over 20 years.

Ange spent the last 10 years working as a Senior Leader with responsibility for the Quality of Education.  This included curriculum intent and implementation, the coaching and mentoring of staff at all levels and providing effective CPD opportunities for all staff.

Ange now works as a Leadership Performance Coach for Senior Leaders both nationally and internationally and is responsible for ‘all things education’ for I4YPC.

“I really enjoy visiting lots of different schools and colleges in my role at I4YPC.  I love seeing what young people are doing in their learning environments and I’m always looking at ways that they can be improved. 

I believe that the current curriculum – which hasn’t really changed since its introduction over 30 years ago – requires some judicious revision. 

As one of the first people in education to trial ‘Innit’ in the classroom with disengaged learners, I’ve experienced the profound impact that the story, characters and songs have on young people.

Innit’ really does work and I’m honoured to be the Chair of such a worthwhile charity.

I’m also utterly excited and delighted to be at the forefront of developing a new fully comprehensive curriculum, in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.

When I’m not thinking about education, I love going to the theatre, travelling, listening to music, admiring art and looking after my plants!”


Nick is a spoken word poet and recent sixth form leaver, with heavy interest and experience across the creative industries, youth politics and the third sector.

Currently living on the outskirts of Birmingham, Nick believes in I4YPC’s potential and wants to help extend our reach to the West Midlands and afar. 

Nick believes in the power, creativity, and situational potential which Gen Z possesses.

Prior to joining as a Trustee Member, whilst studying for his A-levels and being a Corporal in his local Cadet Force, Nick instigated his own podcast, which led to him being asked to join a local Covid-19 Emergency Station as a presenter for their New Music Show.

This sparked an interest in music journalism, which led to Nick writing for a voluntary music publication in America and for a music podcast in the UK.

Additionally, Nick has been on the prestigious Beatfreeks Youth Steering Committee and part of House Hack’s innovation team.  This involved consulting for social action businesses on a pro-bono basis.  Currently, Nick works as Youth Engagement Officer for a local charity bureau. 

“The creative arts are best placed to help fix the issues which have faced us in recent years.  I understand young people at a personal level and I believe that I4YPC and its plans are revolutionary.  They don’t just know young people are the future, it’s ingrained in their ethos.”



Becky has spent her whole career working with young people – firstly as a performer in theatre in education (TIE), then as a drama teacher in a secondary school and latterly at MMU – training both undergraduate and postgraduate student teachers.

“The highlight of my career has been observing the next generation of young people show a real passion to right the wrongs of the past – and mean it!

I’ve come on board with I4YPC because I’m passionate about the shared vision of creating a positive future that is for every young person and not just for the few and where the notion of a level playing field, is more than just rhetoric. I’m proud to be a trustee of I4YPC because I’m part of an organisation that’s been founded and is governed by people who have lived experience – all of whom see that young people are important because they’re vulnerable – and all of whom, autonomously or collectively, are able to get things done.”

Becky is a trained Yoga teacher and in her spare time she likes to dabble in creating art.  She also likes walking but says she’s mainly a mum, a wife and very recently, a grandmother! (Congratulations Becky)



Paul’s CV is packed full of exciting and wonderful projects, spanning decades.  He’s worked on some of the greatest productions with some of the biggest names in the Arts.

In his own words:

“After not making the grade as a professional footballer, I went to art school.  After not making the grade as a painter, I ran away with a touring theatre company, and found myself in good company. I subsequently ended up designing for theatre, dance, opera, film and television – winning some awards; but mainly having fun.

The highlight of my career was designing ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ at the Liverpool Everyman – it was a truly epic production. My private high was drinking cocktails with my all-time hero David Hockney, in LA; but most precious, was becoming friends with the amazing Doctor Who, Tom Baker.

I’m passionate about I4YPC because I’ve been so lucky in life, which is not the case for so many young people.  We all need a helping hand to get us out of the doldrums sometimes, in order to realise our potential. I’m proud to be a trustee of I4YPC because I really do believe we will make a difference! Young people are important to me.  I have 5 amazing children and they will inherit the world our society creates.

The Jesuit – St Ignatius of Loyola – said, “Give me a child till he is 7, I will show you the man.”

Kindness, sympathy and understanding young people even with major problems will only create a better, more fulfilled adult and a better world for future generations.

In my spare time I reluctantly sleep, and dream.  There are never enough hours in the day to enjoy art, theatre, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, the company of friends, family, my lovely wife and dog. Love and peace.”

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